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Life insurance trading is regulated. The policy exchange is called a life settlement or viatical settlement. Life insurance policies are generally traded in a single transaction. It is completely sold, and at a discount, through a broker or directly to an institutional provider. Each state has certain licensing and regulation requirements. Only state brokers and registered providers can deal or offer services.

uses it's authority as a state licensed provider, to offer solutions and services to convert life insurance policies into digital life settlement contracts. It does not buy or sell contracts. It simply concludes a transfer of title and information. All the contract shares are returned back to the policyholder after conversion.


Policyholders now have the choice to sell their shares completely or partially, and either directly or list them on the exchange.

facilitates formation of contracts, handling trade order fulfillment, settlement and processing of payments. It provides validation, verification and custodial services


For Policyholders wanting to sell, it is easy

You simply need to answer a couple of questions and submit some key information about your policy. These include:

Who is the Insurer and what state the policy was obtained in?

What type of policy? If term life, what is the expiration date? If it is exotic or unique, additional information will be required

What is the age of the Insured?

What are the premium and death benefit amounts? When are premiums due?

Is there a cash value and surrender value to the policy?

Give permission and authorization to contact the insurer to verify and validate all  information. Once approved, the policy will be converted into a digital contract, and the shares will be ready to list for sale.

No information will be disclosed that directly identifies the policyholder or insured. It will  be blocked and erased from any disclosures. If any additional information is required, a request will be made. You can add notes, comments, and attachments (not of a personal nature). There are tools to help in setting, configuring, and pricing the contracts.

For Investors, tools and mechanisms are built-in to make it easy and safe to trade

Information is disclosed that can be reviewed so that investors can make informed decisions

With partial sales, investors can align themselves with the interest of the original policyholder, sharing risk and reward

The secondary market offers investors an outlet to resell shares at their convenience, without limitations and restrictions

For insurers the opportunity presents the chance to offer substantial products and solutions in the market

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