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Trade Life Insurance

The U.S. Life Insurance Market is $20 Trillion

Average investor return is 12.50%

Policyholders gain 78% more value selling directly

By Comparison, the total valuation of all the companies listed in the S&P 500 index is $30 Trillion, and the average investor return is 10.33%

More options, policyholders are not forced to sell their entire policy at a deep discount under unfavorable terms. On the other side, investors assume less risk and pay lower brokerage fees

More Access + More Awareness = More Opportunity

$1.7 Billion in life insurance is traded annually$230 Billion has previously been traded. It is estimated that an additonal 
$400 Billion should be exchanged into tradable instruments

changes and expands the market


Technology Brings Opportunity  

provides direct trading channels between policyholders and investors through blockchain technology. It converts life insurance policies into digital smart contracts, which preserves all the information, so that no matter how it is shared, it cannot be altered, damaged or destroyed.


Smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain that run when a predetermined condition is met. They are used to immediately execute agreements and instructions as the contract stipulates between parties, even when the participants are anonymous. This method of automation provides certainty in the outcome of a transaction, especially in the reliance of policy premium coverage and benefit distribution during trade exchanges.

The blockchain has security measures in place to protect against hackers and criminals. It even has safeguards to keep confidential information, such as the identifies of policyholders, insured, investors and beneficiaries anonymous.

With the digital smart contract securely on the blockchain, it is safe to divide it into smaller blocks or fractions.  This special condition is called Fractionalization, and it allows the owners to decide how many blocks or shares they would like to split the smart contract into. Each share holds identical pieces of information and instruction sets in the agreement that each fraction of the transaction is responsible for. It enables the shares to be traded like stock, with every exchange recorded, and the certainty that the whole premium payment will be completely covered when it is due, while the benefits will be accurately distributed at the appropriate time through the automated process no matter who, what or where the owners or disparate parts they own.

Now a Bigger and Better Market Policyholders can sell partially or completely through direct share offerings. Investors benefit from more options  and a secondary market to sell their positions in. Even insurance companies like the increase in premium coverage, reduction of lapse rates, and product offerings

Token Bonuses Purchase and sell shares and claim tokens. Each token is securitized by equity in the exchange. The more the exchange grows, the more the tokens are worth

Sign Up Open an account today and start trading. The first users are rewarded additional tokens

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